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Access on-site, on-call and online services for complete facility compliance.

Human Resource

Human Resource <br />Solutions

Get the tools you need to improve efficiency.

Sales & Finance Compliance Solutions

Sales & Finance Compliance Solutions

Drive accountability and limit liabilities across the Sales & Finance departments.

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Solutions For Your Business:

Environmental Health and Safety Solutions

With three decades of experience in environment, health, safety, and risk management consulting, KPA has built a solid reputation for establishing, implementing, and maintaining EHS solutions for businesses like yours. Our clients rely on our expertise, and years of experience to help them manage all of their EHS challenges and needs. KPA’s EHS software solution provides an easy way for your business to manage your EHS program, track critical EHS issues, metrics, and tasks all from your own convenient at-a-glance custom dashboard. Our award winning training gives you peace of mind that your staff has access to vital training on EHS topics, best practices, and regulatory compliance information. Our work doesn’t stop there. We have a team of professionals available to you onsite, on-call when you need them to provide facility inspections, audits, and identify areas of risk and provide solutions tailored specifically for your business. KPA is the complete solution for all of your environmental, health, safety and compliance needs.

Human Resource Solutions

Our Human Resource Management software is a total HR solution designed to help your business effectively manage your talent throughout the employment lifecycle. HRDrive from KPA drives HR expertise and efficiency for your organization. Delivered as a convenient software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, HRDrive complete workforce management software gives you the tools you need to automate all essential HR processes, improve efficiency with simple, easy-to-use software, and provide team members with interactive, intelligent training. Our solution gives you access to expert HR advice and consulting on call, on-site, on-demand. KPA clients are able to simplify the hiring process, streamline HR functions, reduce turnover, decrease onboarding costs, and avoid the fines and legal action associated with non-compliance.

Sales and Finance Solutions

KPA's Sales and Finance solutions deliver a comprehensive program that helps safeguard consumer information and privacy, and limit liabilities across your sales and finance departments protecting your business and your customers. KPA will assess your business'  information security risks and assist you in designing and implementing policies, and an effective program to improve your control over customer information reducing information security threats, and exposure to unnecessary risks to your business. We provide an interactive training solution, professional consulting, and on-demand expert advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide answers to all of your F&I questions whenever you need them.

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Our Vision: Better Workplace. Better Workforce. Better World.

This simple statement is what guides our business. We believe that our partnerships, our people, and yours are the foundation of our success. For 30 years KPA has delivered solutions to businesses like yours. KPA provides innovative software solutions, interactive training, and professional consulting that help our clients establish and manage effective EHS, HR, and SFC programs, achieve regulatory compliance and control risk, and effectively train and manage people through a combination of innovative software, award winning training, and onsite consulting. Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies at over 10,000 locations rely on KPA's expertise, and years of experience to help them manage all of their Environmental, Health and Safety, HR, and Sales and Finance challenges and needs. 

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