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At KPA, we are a values-led team, and we believe strongly that upholding our principles is of the utmost importance. They are the compass that guides our decision-making and the foundation upon which our culture is based.

Our Mission: Better Workplace, Better Workforce, Better World

Our Core Values:

  • We are resourceful and efficient
  • We are respectful with our word and deed
  • We are accountable for our words and actions
  • We are always helpful
  • We promote teamwork to sustain a culture of cooperation
  • We achieve excellence in individual and company performance
  • Our integrity is unquestionable

Our commitment to living up to these values is one of the many reasons for our continued success. If you are interested in joining our team, please see careers.

"We make decisions based on core values, and are always accountable and not shy about taking responsibility for our actions. We have such a great group of people and it's always such a good feeling when you know you're helping people. It's always enjoyable."
- Peter Zaidel,  EHS Product Director