New Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Requirements

April 29th, 2010 by

The US Energy Policy Act requires all States that receive federal grant money for their UST programs to ensure that all operators of UST systems demonstrate competency on how to comply with UST rules so environmental releases can be prevented. These new rules have created a training and registration program requirement for underground storage tank operators.

Operator training will require owners and their designated employees to undergo training to become certified UST operators. Once the deadline has passed, refuelers will not be allowed to deliver to facilities that have not met the new requirements. The type of training an operator receives depends on the job functions they perform at their facilities.

The deadlines and specific requirements are going to vary from one state to another, but most states seem to be looking at a 2012 deadline. Some states, like California and Louisiana, already require UST Operators to meet similar training and certification requirements. Other states, like Florida, are choosing not to take the Federal money and may look at developing their own training requirements. For more information on the upcoming requirements you can review the Energy Policy Act, check with your state’s Environmental Protection Agency or contact your local KPA Representative.

A national UST operator training firm, PASS, has also prepared a summary of the latest regulations that can be used as a reference for your state.

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