OSHA Administrator Announces Priorities: I2P2 and Electronic Reporting

June 21st, 2010 by

I just got back from ASSE 2010 where OSHA Administrator David Michaels Outlined some of the upcoming goals and priorities for OSHA. He made it clear that OSHA is looking to reinvent itself in some ways to become a stronger and more relevant agency with more personnel in enforcement, higher fines and a greater emphasis on prevention across all industries.

Looking to the future, he outlined top priorities OSHA is looking to address; with the top two being near and dear to KPA: Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2) and Electronic Recordkeeping.

We’ve been watching discussion of a federal Injury and Illness prevention standard grow and ebb over the past decade. It now looks like OSHA is making it their top priority. According to Michaels, this standard “could change workplace health and safety on a level we haven’t seen since OSH Act.” We couldn’t agree more. These regulations could have a tremendous effect on small business such as was felt when California passed their I2P2 standards. If done correctly, it can do a lot to shift the focus of safety from compliance to prevention. This is certainly one to watch as the discussions progress.

The number two priority, electronic recordkeeping, is another we’ve been following. With our online software solutions, we’re already tracking all of the information required for injury and illness records for our clients and would love to have a streamlined interface to report this information to OSHA at our client’s request. It will be interesting to see what OSHA comes up with for their data collection system. Again, depending on the implementation, the new regulation could have a big impact on small business and as a result OSHA is seeking more input from this sector. If you would like to have your opinion heard, you can submit it here.

This regulation is moving along quickly with OSHA’s prediction of a final rule by 2011.  We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

See our OSHA Safety Standards section for more information about the proposed OSHA I2P2 Standard.

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  1. Hery says:

    Anyone who trusts and ststtibuues a safety device for attention to their personal safety in a shop will get what they deserve.This is a good place to lift and copy the safety lectures given in gun safety courses: You NEVER trust the safety on a gun. You always adhere to the four rules of firearms safety, regardless of the safety devices on the gun. Same deal with power tools and machines.

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