The Most Unusual Violations

March 10th, 2011 by

Each year, KPA engineers conduct over 10,000 facility inspections across the country. Each of these inspections involves intense and detailed work. Why do they do it? Because a professionally executed inspection is the most direct way to measure risk exposure at an automotive facility. If risk is measured, then it can be managed.
On each inspection, engineers learn about what is going on behind the scenes as cars are being bought, sold, repaired, and serviced. There is an excitement. Sometimes there are surprises. Recently, a few KPA engineers described the most unusual safety violations they have witnessed in the field. These issues have since been addressed, and names and locations are omitted to protect anonymity.
“Last week, I observed an employee scooping water and sludge from the dealership’s oil/water separator tank. I was told they have to do it once or twice a year when the detail drains back-up.”

“ A technician was a taxidermist on the side, and there were several dead animals laying around his work station.”
“I inspected a body shop where they had food hanging from the ceiling. It was clear coated, but it was still collecting mold.”

What is your experience? Could something like this happen at your facility, or are these stories a 180 from your operations?


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