3 Ways to Observe World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Today (April 28, 2011) is set aside as World Day for Safety and Health at Work by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to focus on systems and tools for continual improvement in the prevention of workplace incidents and accidents. This year, the annual report released in commemoration of the day discusses the effective management of hazards and risks in the workplace (It’s a good report- the graphics alone are worth the read). Here are three tie-ins your business can do to do to commemorate the day.

1. Review your Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

If your facility has an aggregate storage capacity of over 1,320 gallons (including 55 gallon drums) of petroleum products, then you need a SPCC plan (most automotive service companies need a SPCC plan). It requires specific facilities to prepare, amend, certify, and implement an action plan, thereby ensuring containment and countermeasures that will prevent oil discharges. Some elements of an SPCC plan include ensuring staff has undergone SPCC specific training, preparation of monthly self-inspection procedures and documentation, and a Five-year Plan review.

2. Plan a Fire Drill- or evacuation response to an emergency.

Be it fire, tornado, earthquake, or other emergency situation, it is a good idea to check that staff understand the emergency action plan, to ensure that staff are familiar with operation of the emergency action plan, to evaluate effectiveness of the plan and to identify any weakness in the evacuation strategy.

3. Review and update your safety audit

Your safety audit  is tailored to the size and activity of your business, and takes into account the available resources and skills. According to the annual report, the audit procedure looks like this:


Why Is There a World Day for Safety and Health at Work?

During the last decade, the approach of OSHMS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) has become popular and has been introduced in both industrialized and developing countries. The ways for promoting its application vary from legal requirements to voluntary use. Experience shows that OSHMS is a logical and useful tool for the promotion of continual improvement of OSH performance at the organization’s level. Key elements for its successful application include ensuring management commitment and active participation of workers in the joint implementation. It is expected that more and more countries integrate OSHMS in national OSH programmes as a means to strategically promote the development of sustainable mechanisms for OSH improvements in the organizations.

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