Sexual Harassment Is No Joke

November 4th, 2011 by

Sexual harassment continues to be  a very costly issue in the workplace.   The most recent high-profile incidents involve presidential candidate Herman Cain.  While  CEO of the National Restaurant Association, Cain was accused of harassment and the association provided monetary settlements to several women.   Mr. Cain remarked that “I do have a sense of humor, and some people have a problem with that,”  after the harassment allegations first surfaced, explaining how his actions may have been misconstrued.   All kidding aside, sexual harassment is no joke.  Resolving sexual harassment claims is expensive. Beyond attorney fees and settlement costs, harassment impacts morale and productivity, damages your company’s brand and reputation and limits your ability to hire and retain employees.

It is more cost-effective to take a proactive approach and prevent sexual harassment rather than settle claims.  Watch this 3 minutue video to learn the three steps every business should be taking to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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2 Responses to “Sexual Harassment Is No Joke”

  1. Munro's Safety Apparel says:

    It doesn’t matter if the harasser was joking, it only matters how the harassed interpreted the situation. Even if it was something that was meant as a joke, there is a line that employees can’t cross. Employers have to recognize a potential problem long before there is one if they don’t want to deal with a huge mess in the long run.

  2. Great point, employers must take every compliant of harassment seriously. This is not a joking matter on any level.

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