OSHA Updates Multi-piece and Single-piece Rim Wheel Charts and Manuals

January 3rd, 2012 by

OSHA just announced that updated charts and manuals for servicing multi-piece and single-piece rim wheels are available, and that updated manuals will soon be distributed to the regulated community.

In updating this information, OSHA decided not to print large posters with the updated information, but to provide an 8.5 inch by 11 inch printed manuals containing this information that employers could use in the shop as an alternative to displaying the large posters. The manual would be more portable and accessible than a large poster, which employers typically mounted on a wall.

To reduce the distribution burden, OSHA will print and mail the manuals, but not the posters. The posters, as well as the manuals, will be available in electronic files (PDF) on the OSHA Web site at http://www.osha.gov/publications (and type “tire chart” in the search field).

OSHA also is revising the content of its two existing charts. The “Multi-piece Rim Matching Chart” will provide an updated list of multi-piece rim wheel components, both current and obsolete, while the “Demounting and Mounting Procedures for Truck/Bus Tires” chart will consist of two separate charts entitled “Demounting and Mounting Procedures for Tubeless Truck and Bus Tires” and “Demounting and Mounting Procedures for Tube-Type Truck and Bus Tires.”

Consistent with these revisions, OSHA is amending the definitions of “charts” in paragraph (b) of the standard to refer to the new Department of Labor charts (i.e., manuals or posters), or to any other information or poster that provides at least the same instructions, safety precautions, and other information contained in OSHA’s charts, and that is applicable to the types of rim wheels the employer is servicing.

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