How to Prevent Most Injuries at Your Dealership

May 9th, 2012 by

Radiation burns from Acetylene torches, lacerations from the parts grinder,  a blast of compressed air on the eye -these are just a few reasons why the right PPE and simple safety procedures are so important at dealerships. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 3.3 million Americans suffer from serious occupational injuries every year, but at least 60 percent of these injuries can be avoided by adopting a “safety culture” that emphasizes planning and doing in the safest way possible.

Make sure that your program is based on simple, sound, and proven ideas that are in compliance with existing laws and regulations.  Ultimately, it’s good for the entire company, and results in decreased incidence of workplace injuries and illnesses, reduced costs (including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums) and enhances overall business operations.

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