HR Managers- Get ready to be an HR Superstar

August 16th, 2012 by

Sometimes Human Resources is seen as just another drag on a dealership’s bottom line. But what if your HR department could be actually be a profit driver for your dealership? You’d be the HR Superstar! 

It’s possible. When we talk to HR managers, we find you’re typically swamped by compliance requirements, personnel files and payroll duties. You know – all that transaction stuff that has to get done but tends to be reactive, not proactive. We can tell you want to focus on contributing strategically to your dealership’s financial growth. But if you’re like many of your colleagues, lack of staff or lack of time may be getting in the way.

KPA believes that HR managers build a dealership’s profits by devoting themselves to hiring great people, training them and retaining them. For example, here’s how you drive profits:

  • Spot the best local talent for sales and marketing.
  • Have a great orientation program that makes your employees as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Create a a great corporate culture, which increases productivity.
  • Boost sales by showing managers how to coach — and keep — their top performers.

So here’s our pitch. KPA wants to make sure that HR managers like you have time to do all that. Our new HR Management Consulting service can take care of projects such as:

  • Audit personal files
  • Find gaps in your compliance programs and show you how to plug them
  • Write job descriptions
  • Complete that compensation analysis you started last year …

Basically, our consulting service takes a load off you, so you go from frazzled to focused on what really matters.

Email me at, so we can schedule a needs analysis regarding the projects we can take on for you. We’ll make you more than an HR Manager – you’ll be the HR Superstar at your dealership.

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