June 2013 Tip of the Month – Keeping Valuable Facebook Friends

June 11th, 2013 by

Compliance-Tip of the Month

Despite the fact that you’re trying to increase your online presence and reach through Facebook, it is still important to be selective when it comes to your dealership Facebook fans. Your fans should:

  1. “Like” your dealership for transparent and relevant reasons – While games, giveaways, and contest may be alluring to the average socialite, it does nothing for brand engagement if all of your fans don’t care about you and are simply waiting for the next silver platter to show up.
  2. Nearly 100% of your fans should be local – No other invention in history has been able to connect local communities better than social media. Yet, local brands continue to target (usually unknowingly) users outside their local market.  It does your dealership no good if the bulk of your followers live in India or Egypt.

Fans that like you for irrelevant reasons hurt your overall exposure and often prevent interested locals from seeing your post or engaging with your page.  Facebook records every interaction, therefore, if an uninterested fan scrolls past your post without pausing to look or clicking through, your Facebook ranking will decrease, lowering the opportunity for interested, local fans to engage.

Don’t forget to be selective!

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