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How Long Do Your Tweets Work For You?

April 02, 2014


Social media is a fast-paced marketing tool that can take your dealership to a new level. However, your social posts also have a very short life span, some even shorter than you may realize. This means that when you post, you need to make sure your post has the stamina to make an impact.

Twitter has a particularly short lifespan of only 18 minutes. Consider this: approximately 9,100 tweets are posted per second on twitter. To combat this short life span, many individuals simply post tweets very close together, scheduling out their tweets less than an hour apart. This is a mistake! Give your tweets time to mature. The longer you wait in between tweets, the longer each tweet has at the top of your page. This allows followers more time to see and consider your tweet.

There are other ways to make your tweets work for you as well. Extend the lifespan of your tweet by doing the follow for each tweet you post:

  1. Schedule your tweets in advance. It’s ok to post your tweets ad hoc, but if you can, schedule them out. This will allow you to schedule tweets together that complement each other as well as space them out nicely so that they each get as much momentum as possible.
  2. Include links in your tweets. Supplementing your tweets with a link provides readers with extra content to read and extra incentive to retweet your post.
  3. Use your hashtags. Hashtags provide quick classifications and context for your readers. In addition hashtags allow your readers to search for your tweets by subject, a great way to increase the life of your tweet. Keep a short list of hashtags available for your tweets to reference when you are writing.

Are you curious about other ways to increase the lifespan of your social media posts? Contact [email protected].

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