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How to Convert Social Media Fans to Customers

April 09, 2014

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You spend a lot of time updating and managing your social media sites, hoping to increase your fan base and engage past and future clients. But do you know how to convert those social friends into shoppers? Make sure that you are doing all of the right things to convert your social media following into customers by adopting the following practices:

  • Combine the right message with the right platform.

You can post messages on your social sites all day long, but if you’re posting the wrong concepts to the wrong platforms, you won’t find success. Consider the audience of each of your platforms and generate content for each of those audiences. For instance, Pinterest has a 70% female user base, while Google+ has 64% male user base; therefore, your Pinterest page should be geared more so towards females while Google+ should have more of a focus on male customers.

  • Move your conversation off of social media.

Engagement and communication on social media is key. Your goal is to increase your conversation between you and your fan base, but to turn this conversation into a sale; you have to move it away from social media and into your dealership. After all, making a sale off of 140 characters would be a challenge for anyone. Once you’ve started a conversation, suggest an appointment or time to continue your discussion on your lot.

  • Share your content.

You spend endless hours creating content on your social platforms and website, so you should utilize it! Take your content and share it on your social pages. Share your tips, your thoughts, blurbs from your posts, and relate it all back to your website so that all of your readers’ questions are answered.

Do you need more help using social media to convert customers? Contact [email protected].

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