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The Foundation of Social Posts: Grammar

April 16, 2014

lets eat grandma

The current focus of digital marketing has us focusing so much on content, content, content, that sometimes we forget that while content is what drives our SEO, it has a supporting foundation, and that support is grammar. Of course, grammar shouldn’t get in the way of creating your content, and certainly shouldn’t become the focus of your posts, but its value still shouldn’t be ignored.

Grammar provides our readers with directions on how to read our words and important signals on how our content should be interpreted. Consider the following social meme at the top of this post.

One simple comma makes the difference between eating your grandmother and eating with your grandmother. Don’t let simple grammar mistakes cause laughter and confusion for your readers.

Of course, there are more and less casual forums for writing. While it is the norm to adopt a casual tone for social media and blogs, it is less acceptable to write casually for websites. Casual writing includes casual tone, and sometimes, unintentionally, casual grammar. Keep your grammar in check to keep your readers’ confidence.

Do you have questions about your tone and social presence? Contact [email protected].

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