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What kind of marketing media are you using?

April 30, 2014

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When it comes to social media marketing, there are 3 types of media that you can use to increase interest in your dealership. Dealerships require a well-rounded media strategy to successfully leverage their brand and create greater brand awareness.

  1. Paid Media. When you use paid media, you pay an individual or company to leverage your brand. This is often done through display ads, paid search, and sponsorships. Some of the benefits of paid media are that it is in demand, it is immediately dispersed, and you have a degree of control over it. Paid media can often feed owned media, and if done correctly, create earned media.
  2. Owned Media. Your brand controls owned media. This includes blogs, social media, newsletters, white papers, and videos; Owned media is anything that you create for yourself, and then disperse yourself. Owned media is beneficial because it has the potential to build longer-term relationships with existing and potential customers. Owned media also has the ability to build earned media. Owned media is beneficial because of the ultimate level of control you have over it, as well as cost efficiency, longevity, and versatility.
  3. Earned Media. Earned media is the most credible of all media types. Earned media is media that is created by customers, that is, any conversation or response created by customers. Earned media is the result of well-executed social media. While you do not have control over this media, it is the key role in most sales.

All three of these media types work well in conjunction together, feeding off of one another to fully leverage your brand. By characterizing your marketing needs, you can decipher how much of each media will be the most beneficial to your dealership.

Do you have further questions about how you should be using media? Contact [email protected].

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