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April Tip of the Month: Spring Cleaning for Three Trouble Areas in the Service Bay

April 01, 2012

Keeping a facility clean and organized ensures better compliance with environment and safety regulations. It is also connected to improved productivity and employee morale. Take a moment to see if these three common trouble spots are being addressed at your facility. They ca...

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Is your Safety Incentive Program Illegal?

March 30, 2012

In a recent memo sent to OSHA regional administrators and whistleblower program managers, Deputy Assistant Secretary Richard Fairfax gives a general warning to businesses against tying management or supervisory bonuses to lower reported injury rates. The memo also clarifies f...

Posted in: Checklists, OSHA Tags: Employee incentive programs, OSHA memorandum, safety programs Read More

Getting Ready for a Safety Audit

March 06, 2012

This article from EHSToday has some suggestions for service managers who like to be prepared before a third party safety audit. Although it is written for manufacturers, the short list of suggestions would be very practical for dealerships and service centers. The Auditors ...

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Prepare Your Business for Winter Storms

October 02, 2011

You don’t need a weather man to know this winter will come with more extreme storms. Before they hit, prepare your business to handle extreme cold and snow. Take action this fall to protect employees from injuries and illnesses, minimize damage and recover quicker following ...

Posted in: Checklists, Prevention Plans, Tip of the Month Tags: emergency planning, get business ready for winter, prepare business for winter, prevention plans, winter checklist for business Read More

Managing Compliance: Checklist for Flammable Liquids

August 05, 2011

It seems to me that just about every liquid in an engine is flammable- from the obvious like gasoline and oil all the way down to windshield wiper fluid. Add acetone, paints, paint solvents, degreasers, and detergents to the mix, and anyone can see the extent we need flammab...

Posted in: Checklists, OSHA Tags: dealerhsip, fire hazard, flammable liquids, muffler shop, OSHA fines, service station, worker safety Read More

Monthly Facility Inspection List

July 29, 2011

As the last business day in July, today is a great day to take care of your monthly facility inspections . There are a few items in your dealership that need to be inspected and updated every month. There should be tags on these items for signatures and dates. These are saf...

Posted in: Checklists, Environment: Industry Updates, OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: dealership safety, dealership safety inspection, Department of Labor, Monthly Inspections, monthly safety inspections Read More

Compliance Tip of the Month

July 01, 2011

Training Requirements for Dealership Employees The quick guide to training: who needs it, in which areas and departments, for which enforcement agencies, and how often each training requirement must be renewed. Check the list at

Posted in: Checklists, DOT, Tip of the Month Tags: DOT Training, hazmat training, OSHA, PPE training, Training Requirements for Dealership Employees Read More

A Lot of Safety on Your Lot

May 01, 2011

Inventory lots, parking lots, and holding lots make up the backbone of your business, and need to be kept safe. Here are a few basic safety checks keep your lots up to code, and keep them safe for employees and customers. First, make sure the speed limit is posted, blind spo...

Posted in: Checklists, Tip of the Month Tags: compliance tip of the month, dealerships, lot safety, Safe driving Read More

What Goes In Your Dealership's First Aid Kit

April 15, 2011 by Scot Corn

At a moment's notice, your first aid kit needs to be ready for safe, effective responses to emergency situations. OSHA requires that first aid supplies are available for all employees. The short list of OSHA's required contents is here:

Posted in: Checklists, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: dealership, dealership safety, first aid kit Read More

Your Parts Grinder Can Pass an OSHA Inspection. Here’s How.

March 07, 2011

OSHA recently issued five citations totaling $75,000 to the Pep Boys auto service company after a facility inspection in Hamden, CT for a “repeat violation.” The previous citation was at a different franchise location. At the center of the fines is a parts grinder. Parts g...

Posted in: Checklists, Citations, OSHA Tags: OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Violations, parts grinder Read More