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5 Digital Steps To Generate Massive ROI From Direct Mail

March 04, 2013

Automotive Service Mailer from 1928 As you can see from the image, direct mail hasn’t changed much in the past 90 years (except for the prices!). Why should it? It works to get good looking information in front of a lot of people very quickly, and consumers have a fina...

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The Automotive Industry Needs More Trusted Advisers

February 14, 2013

NADA 2013 was a whirlwind. There was more activity, more excitement, and most importantly more hope than I've seen since 2008. Dealers were excited to see more, to learn how to go beyond the survival mode that has been fading in recent years and to concentrate on thriving ...

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Best Safety Compliance Service

September 25, 2012

What makes KPA different? Our clients and our commitment to them. We always appreciate  client feedback , and we are pleased to share this video from Wollam Chevrolet in Ohio about their experience with our Environment and Safety services. How is your dealership handling...

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Dealers United Selects KPA from 70 Website Vendors for August Member Deal

August 07, 2012

From today's Dealers United press release: Sarasota, FL – August 7, 2012 - Dealers United, the first service to truly leverage the buying power of individual dealerships, launched their August member deal today, website design services from KPA, through its TK Carsites acqu...

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7 Safety Pitfalls in Your Parts Department

July 23, 2012 by Deborah Gibbs

How would your Parts Department fare today, if you received a safety inspection? Our engineers have found 7 common areas where things go wrong. Some are pretty easy to spot, but some are less obvious. Let’s take a look at a few: 1) Unsafe storage on shelves  If you h...

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June Tip of the Month: Get Your DOT Training Up to Speed

June 01, 2012

KPA's new DOT course gives employees more control over the training process, cutting down on the amount of time it normally takes to complete DOT training. In addition, the course incorporates real world examples from dealerships and service centers as part of the interactiv...

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May 21, 2012

KPA’s latest project, , is a library of knowledge for anyone who works in the automotive industry. The website is home to over 250 recorded webinars created by industry experts in Environment & Safety, Human Resources Management, and Internet Marketing. T...

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Don't Miss Tomorrow's Webinar: Social Media & Fixed Ops: Your Hidden Gold Mine

March 20, 2012

Already close to 200 registrations for tomorrow’s webinar with guest speaker Kathi Cruse. Don’t miss this one! Can't attend? Don't worry, we'll record it, and after the presentation, we'll send all registrations a link to the recorded webinar.

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KPA’s JD Rucker Presenting at Automotive Boot Camp

March 06, 2012

KPA is a key sponsor of the 3rd Annual Automotive Boot Camp that will be held in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotel , May 15-17th, 2012. The Boot Camp is a hands-on skills based training program with over 30 workshops that cover the most important elements of automotiv...

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Tip of the Month: Recycle Your Airbags and Pre-tensioners

February 01, 2012

Un-deployed airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners can be recycled through KPA’s new recovery program. We help small businesses with transportation logistics, and ensure DOT compliant transportation of these devices on their journey to the recycling facility where 95% of materi...

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