Safety Alert: Multiple Brands Recalled from First Aid Kits

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Recently, agents from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) visited one of our clients to inspect first aid kits for recalled items.

This inspection was part of a larger reaction to recalls from H&P industries and their sister company, Triad Group. An FDA report on the company says there have been a total of at least 10 deaths reported to the agency in the wake of a recall of contaminated products. It is believed that the deaths were related to serious hospital stays, not simply using a product from a first aid kit.

That being said, we strongly recommend removing any Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs, and Alcohol Swabsticks (alcohol product recall earlier this year), and Povidone Iodine products that can be traced back to this manufacturer. Consumers that have any of these types of products in their possession should not use the product and should return it to the place it was purchased. These products are usually re-branded with one of the following name brands:

Recalled Brands

 Albertson’s  Good Neighbor Pharmacy Select Medical Products
 American Fare  Good Sense Smart Sense
 Amerinet  Kmart Total Resources
 Amerisource Bergen  Leader Triad
 Boca/ Ultilet  Major Triad-Triadine
 Cardinal Health  Medical Specialties Triad Plus
 Chain Drug Consortium  Meijer VersaPro
 Conzellin  Moore Medical VHA
 CVS  North Safety Walgreens
 Equaline  Nova Plus Winn Dixie- Medic
 Fred’s  Premiere Value
 PSS Select  Atware Carey First Aid Kits