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Training: Industry Updates

Taking Social Media to the Next Level and Beyond at the Automotive Boot Camp

March 30, 2013

It’s cheese steaks and education May 14-16 in Philadelpha as the good folks at First Class Educators are putting on their 4th annual Automotive Boot Camp . This is going to be one a bit different for us as I get to do something I’ve been dying to do for a long time – talk...

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Fire Extinguisher Safety

June 19, 2012

Summer brings an increased fire risk- both indoors and out. Fire extinguishers can save lives in an emergency situation, but only when they are properly maintained and used. Take two minutes to watch this video and brush-up on the PASS technique , how to maintain the f...

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The Easiest Way for Employees to Complete Anti-Harassment Training

June 14, 2012

One of our Human Resources Management clients asked us to share this picture of a tech taking anti-harassment training at his work station. It shows how easy it is for employees to keep up with policies, training and performance management- without having to leave the serv...

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KPA’s JD Rucker Presenting at Automotive Boot Camp

March 06, 2012

KPA is a key sponsor of the 3rd Annual Automotive Boot Camp that will be held in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotel , May 15-17th, 2012. The Boot Camp is a hands-on skills based training program with over 30 workshops that cover the most important elements of automotiv...

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Paul Potratz: Get In Front of the Smart Phone Wave at Your Dealership

December 05, 2011

We are very pleased to announce Paul Potratz as a guest presenter for the upcoming TK Carsites webinar, Get In Front of the Smart Phone Wave at Your Dealership. Register now to reserve your space on Wednesday, December 14th at 9:00am PST/ noon EST. It will be one of the most...

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Do You Need a Bloodborne Pathogens Program? Here's the Straight Answer

October 14, 2011

KPA’s latest project, the Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz , helps dealerships and automotive service centers decide if a bloodborne pathogens program is right for their facility. The online self-assessment tool takes into account all federal regulatory compliance mandates, interpr...

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Compliance Tip of the Month: Improve Your Driving at Work

September 01, 2011

Thirty percent of traumatic fatalities occur from employees driving on the job. If you ever talk on your cell phone while driving, follow too closely behind the vehicle in front of you, or forget to wear your seat belt, you put your life and the lives of others at risk. Just...

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New Safe Driving Online Training Course

September 01, 2011

You’ve asked for it and now it’s here: The Safe Driving online training course . If you or your employees test drive vehicles that have been in for service, shuttle customers to or from your location, take customers on test drives as part of the sales process, or transport ...

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You Can't Teach a Young Dog With Old Tricks

July 15, 2011

Here's what you already know: technology is intrinsic for most Gen Y workers. Furthermore, for most of them, a day isn't complete without texting, facebook, twitter, foursquare, or other information stream of choice. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, this d...

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Who Needs DOT HazMat Training? It's More Employees Than You'd Think!

May 04, 2011 by Eric Schmitz

Under the DOT regulations (Title 49 Part 172.702) any employee defined as a hazmat employee is required to be trained. So you ask what is a hazmat employee? The definition is found in (Title 49 Part 171.8) and includes employees that: Load, unload, or handle hazardous m...

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