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Getting Started with Lift Safety

February 17, 2015 by Global Administrator

There are a variety of lift training regulations and guidelines out there that include when and how employees should be trained, what kind of lifts you should be using, how to maintain lifts, how often lifts should be inspected, who should inspect lifts, and more. At times, this can make lift compliance seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider the following points when you begin working on your lift safety program:

  1. Get your employees trained! The true consequences of misusing a lift include employee, technician, and even customer injury. Lift accidents are preventable with safe automotive lifting procedures. Training can be purchased from the Automotive Lift Institute at or from within myKPAonline.
  2. To avoid injury and financial risk, establish periodic maintenance plans for your lifts. These plans should be performed by an employee qualified to operate a lift. The plan should be documented and should focus on replacing worn, damaged, or broken parts with approved parts that meet the original manufacturer’s specifications. KPA recommends that inspections be completed by a Certified Lift Inspector.
  3. Use a Certified Lift Inspector for your annual lift inspections. This inspector should have significant technical expertise including:
  • Knowledge of personal safety practices necessary to perform routine and periodic inspections of existing equipment;
  • Familiarity with industry terminology;
  • Knowledge of the purpose and function of all lift components; purpose and function of all components; Knowledge of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical lift systems.

There are many nuances to Automotive Lift Safety. After you have grasped these basic concepts, contact your KPA Engineer or watch our webinar on Automotive Lift Safety: What You Need to Know to learn more.  KPA offers complete EHS training programs and safety audit services, call us to learn more.



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