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Performance Management Best Practices

February 04, 2015 by Global Administrator

To create an efficient and effective work place, performance management should be an ongoing, year-round effort, with daily interactions. Implement the following practices into your process to strengthen your performance management system:

  1. Deliver regular feedback. All feedback should be relevant to your dealership’s current activities, objectives, and employee efforts.
  2. Define clear performance expectations. Expectations should be firmly set and clearly communicated. If expectations evolve or change, promptly communicate them to your employees.
  3. Outline the performance and compensation relationship. The level of performance to receive compensation or additional incentives should be very clearly defined. If the compensation is ever changed in relation to performance, immediately update any correlating documentation.
  4. Create fair and consistent incentives. If your dealership utilizes incentives, make sure that they are applicable and outlined well.
  5. Evaluate performance consistently and regularly. Create a schedule that is beneficial to you and your employees. This may be a weekly or monthly one-on-one meeting, or a daily 10 minute chat.
  6. Recognize and reward top performers. Recognition should be a positive experience and should not point out other employees weaknesses.

Strong performance management creates a positive atmosphere, impacts job satisfaction, and increases employee retention and loyalty. The information managers learn through frequent and clear-cut interactions provides them with the preparation to deliver quality feedback, as well as to oversee effective performance reviews.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about workplace performance management? Contact Kathryn Carlson at [email protected].  KPA offers complete HR services including outsourced HR process management, employee benefit administration, and HR training. Call us to learn more.



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