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Ingredients to a Valuable Marketing Video

January 02, 2014 by Global Administrator


The Google algorithms love videos, and will always pop them to the top of the search engine. Video testimonials, reviews, how-tos, and product releases are marketing gold allowing you to demonstrate your dealership in just a brief period of time. Video optimization gets your videos to the top of the search page, but you can make your video even stronger by following a few simple rules:

1. Lead with a strong title.

The first thing searchers see is your video title. Make it count. Select a compelling title to engage your viewers.

2. Limit length.

In this day and age, every second counts. Deliver a succinct message, getting the point of the message across quickly in an effort to keep your audience’s attention. Less than one minute is recommended, although the average video is 3.8 minutes long.

3. Show your best content.

The key word here is to show your best content. Demonstrate your products, brand, dealership, and service. Showing is much more effective than telling.

4. Allow users to embed your videos.

If embedding is enabled on your page, other users and buyers will be able to post your videos to their own sites, creating instant marketing for you.

5. Include your URL.

Make sure your viewers know where to find you.

6. Don’t forget your keywords.

Create keywords and include them in your description as well. This will help to optimize your video and pop it up even higher on Google search results.

Want to learn more about using videos as a dealership marketing technique? Watch the KPA Dealer Webinar How to Create an Unfair Advantage on Google Using Video Search Optimization.

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