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Start 2014 Doing Social Media Right

January 08, 2014

creative communication

The New Year is here, resolutions have been made, and we’re ready to hit the ground running. In 2014 social media still reigns in digital marketing, which means you need to know how to stay organized, relevant, and engaged. Make sure that you’re doing the following things to start off the year on the right foot with social media:

  1. Plan your posts out in advance and post them using a scheduler, such as Local Engage, Post Planner, or Hootsuite.
  2. Make it a priority to respond to all of your interactions, whether they’re good or bad. Every comment is worth engaging with.
  3. Diversify your content and track to see what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be different. Your voice and your dealership is what makes you desirable.
  5. Target your content for your demographic.
  6. Post one question a week.
  7. Research weekly and make your positive findings into your own best practices.
  8. Track your analytics on a monthly basis to see what is and is not working for your team.

Do you have more questions about what you need to do to make your digital marketing the best it can be in 2014? Contact [email protected].

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