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How to Prevent Greenwashing

January 13, 2015 by Global Administrator

Greenwashing is the practice of claiming that your processes are environmentally sustainable without proof. Greenwashing is visible in every industry, and is becoming especially prevalent when consumers seek out environmentally sustainable auto facilities.

Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker noted in their 2011 study that 77% of consumers would actively boycott any company that made intentionally misleading claims about their environmental stewardship. To avoid the consequences of greenwashing, keep the following in mind when marketing your environmental sustainability:

1.       Be Honest

Do not exaggerate your environmental claims. Any small claim is worth mentioning, as sustainability is a large undertaking. Transparency in sales is appreciated.

2.       Prove It

To keep your customers, track your data. Provide concrete numbers and records demonstrating how your procedures are sustainable. Publish a report of your efforts to show your impact on the environment and to keep customers from suspecting greenwashing.

3.       Get Certified

Many companies provide environmental certifications, to prove you are part of the sustainable chain.

4.       Stay Direct

When discussing, publishing, or reporting on your sustainability, be direct. Avoid generic buzzwords and pleasantries, as they can make things seem more official or greater than they truly are. Avoid feel good images and simply stick to the data and records you’ve collected.

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