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Reviewing your Personnel Files

January 14, 2015 by Global Administrator

To keep your personnel files up to date, and allow them to be a true asset in the event of a legal dispute at your dealership, it is important to review them annually. An appropriate time to review individual personnel files is during an annual review. Confirm that all files are accurate, up to date, and complete. If handbooks, procedures, or protocol has changed in the past year, make certain that each employee has signed any updated documents or policy acknowledgements related to these new procedures.

While you’re reviewing your files, keep in mind that there are some items that should not be kept in personnel files. For instance, medical records should never be included in personnel files. Instead keep medical records in a separate confidential file where they will only be accessible by approved individuals. Another sensitive item is the I-9 Form. I-9s should be kept in a separate folder or binders specifically for only these documents, and should be available for any government inspections or audits.

While it is important to keep detailed and complete records in your personnel files, it is not necessary to go overboard. In many states it is legal for employees to review their own files. Refrain from including any speculative notes in the file, and also from noting any private or political beliefs, unsubstantiated criticisms, or references to race, sex, or religion. Anything in the personnel file can be used in a legal proceeding and will be legally admissible, so avoid including any documentation that you wouldn’t want to be legally reviewed.

Want to know about the personnel record laws in your state? Contact [email protected].

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