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Your Employee Personnel File Checklist

January 28, 2015 by Global Administrator

Personnel files may seem like a minor aspect of managing your dealership, but properly maintained files not only provide easy access to information when it comes time to  discipline,  promote, or lay off employees, they also protect your dealership in case of an employment lawsuit.

Position Job Description

An up-to-date, signed job description should be included in every employee file. The job description should be reviewed and updated each time the responsibilities of the position changes. The job description should be consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status of exempt or non-exempt, in which the employee is classified.

Employee Resume

If the employee submitted a resume as part of their application, a copy of the original document should be included in their personnel file. There should be no interview notes or comments written on the resume.

Employee Job Application

Every employee should have an application in their personnel file. Even though your employee may have submitted a resume when they were hired, it is not a legal document and it is in the dealership’s best interest that every employee completes an employment application.

Employment Offer

A copy of the original employment offer, signed by the employee and their managing parties, should be included in the file.

Signed Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook

Whether the employee signs a receipt of the employee handbook, or a form acknowledging the handbook and the rules within, the signed document should be kept in their personnel file. If the handbook is updated, and a new acknowledgement is required, the employee should sign an updated acknowledgement. If you have these acknowledgements saved electronically, there is no need to physically save them in the personnel file.

Signed Receipt of Dealership Property

All dealership property assigned to an employee should be tracked in their personnel file, including the item, date received, and date returned, if applicable. The employee should sign an acknowledgement that they have received the item(s).

Performance Evaluations

Every performance evaluation completed on an employee should be included in their personnel file. Any performance improvement plan, promotion, demotion, or salary change should also be included.

Employee Benefit Enrollment Forms

Benefit forms should be kept in personnel files for easy review if questions or issues arise.

Emergency Contact Forms

Keep emergency contact information in the personnel file for immediate and easy access in case of an accident or emergency.

Employee Complaints

Keep track of any problems or complaints the employee may have against them in their file, as well as any disciplinary actions that may have been carried out.

Performance Awards and Training Program Records

Maintain the employee’s growth and success to allow for easy review during annual evaluations.

Attendance Records

Does your dealership track attendance and tardiness? Maintain these documents in their personnel file in the case of a legal employment dispute.

Employee Termination Files

Complete an exit interview with the employee or maintain the termination documentation to summarize the reason for employee separation; be sure to denote if this was a voluntary or involuntary termination.


Do you have questions about your personnel files? Contact [email protected].

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