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Monthly Facility Inspection List

July 29, 2011

As the last business day in July, today is a great day to take care of your monthly facility inspections . There are a few items in your dealership that need to be inspected and updated every month. There should be tags on these items for signatures and dates. These are saf...

Posted in: Checklists, Environment: Industry Updates, OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: dealership safety, dealership safety inspection, Department of Labor, Monthly Inspections, monthly safety inspections Read More

Chaos and Worker Safety

July 20, 2011

Managers are accustomed to making data driven decisions for worker safety. They use the best information available, set company policies, and workers are responsible for following the rules. And in the past, that was enough. Today, managers must apply regulatory interpretat...

Posted in: Safety Culture Tags: dealership risk management plan, Environmental Health and Safety, risk management strategy, worker safety Read More

You Can't Teach a Young Dog With Old Tricks

July 15, 2011

Here's what you already know: technology is intrinsic for most Gen Y workers. Furthermore, for most of them, a day isn't complete without texting, facebook, twitter, foursquare, or other information stream of choice. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, this d...

Posted in: Safety Culture, Safety: Industry Updates, Training: Industry Updates Tags: DOT hazmat, reaching young workers, safety culture, safety training, training young workers Read More

IRS Revises Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2011

July 12, 2011 by Kathryn Carlson

In  Announcement 2011-40 , the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has revised the optional standard mileage rates for computing the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business purposes. While gasoline costs are a major factor the IRS also considered depreciation and ...

Posted in: Department of Treasury, HR: Industry Updates Tags: 2011 revised mileage rates, business miles, IRS, mileage reimbursement rates Read More

The Number One Least Asked Question at Your Dealership…Why?

July 07, 2011

In business, the “why?” tends to get lost in the shuffle. We understand the how and when of our jobs, but too often the why remains unanswered, or it is “You have to do it because that is what everyone else is doing.” Which leads to the question, "Why is safety culture impor...

Posted in: Safety Culture Tags: employee morale, safety culture, safety culture and improved productivity, Why focus on safety culture at a dealership, workplace injuries Read More

Compliance Tip of the Month

July 01, 2011

Training Requirements for Dealership Employees The quick guide to training: who needs it, in which areas and departments, for which enforcement agencies, and how often each training requirement must be renewed. Check the list at

Posted in: Checklists, DOT, Tip of the Month Tags: DOT Training, hazmat training, OSHA, PPE training, Training Requirements for Dealership Employees Read More