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Does your Facility Require a Blood Borne Pathogens Program?

July 29, 2014 by Global Administrator

Typically, dealerships, garages, and body shops do not require a blood borne pathogens program because they are not exposed to blood on a regular basis. To find out if your facility is required to have a blood borne pathogens program, take an assessment here . KPA recomm...

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Want to Increase Productivity and Morale? Empower Employees

July 21, 2014 by Kathryn Carlson

Workers who feel empowered by their employers are more productive and have higher morale, regardless of their industry. These are the findings of a new study by lead researcher from the University of Iowa, Scott Seibert. He explains, “Empowerment is an effective approach ...

Posted in: Human Resources Management Tags: Effective, Empowerment, Leadership, Management, Morale, Productivity, Worker Read More

PPE Hazard Assessments for Auto Facilities – Do you need one?

July 15, 2014 by Global Administrator

PPE Hazard Assessments, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessments, are required at all auto facilities. What are they? PPE Assessments evaluate any hazards that may exist in your shop, what your employees do on a regular basis, what they’re expose...

Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety Tags: Assessment, Equipment, Pass, Personal, PPE, Protective, Safety. Read More

July 2014 DigiGo Tip of the Month: Optimizing your Emails for Mobile

July 14, 2014

Are your emails optimized for mobile sites? Of the 70 Million mobile users, 43% check their email on it 4 or more times a day . This means that if you aren’t optimizing your emails, you are missing out on a huge group of consumers. To optimize emails for mobile, implement th...

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Protect Your Company - Always Confirm Employment Eligibility with E-Verify

July 14, 2014 by Kathryn Carlson

Get a jump on proposed new Immigration regulations. Under proposed federal immigration reform all employers would be required to use the E-Verify. Already many states required the use of the E-Verify system. Make sure that you complete a new I-9 form within three days of h...

Posted in: Human Resources Management Tags: Eligibility, Employment, E-verify, immigration Read More

Protecting your Dealership – Benefiting from Social Media while Limiting Risk

July 08, 2014 by Kathryn Carlson

Social media is no longer a new concept; it has become a common and highly used tool in society today. Often a free tool, social media can help take your dealership to new heights; however, it can also create legal risk if taken advantage of or used improperly. To keep you...

Posted in: Human Resources Management Tags: Benefit, Limit, Media, Practices, Protection, Risk, Social Read More

Protect Yourself and Your Employees with Respiratory Protection

July 08, 2014 by Global Administrator

OSHA has instilled a variety of requirements for shops that have employees who wear respirators. This applies to any facility that conducts any spray coating operations including painting, priming, or rustproofing. To stay in compliance, make sure that you adhere to the fo...

Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety Tags: Mask, Protection, respirator, Respiratory, Safety Read More

The OSHA Bullseye: A Case Study of Dollar Tree Stores

July 07, 2014

When you think of BIG OSHA violations, you may think of dangerous operations, mining, agriculture grain silos, Alaska king crab fisherman, or some of the local stories on the street in automotive. You probably don’t think of a $1 value retailer as being a prime target for ...

Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety Tags: Citations, compliance, Dollar, fines, OSHA, protection, Tree, violations Read More

Internships: Paid or Unpaid?

July 07, 2014 by Kathryn Carlson

With daydreams about laying by the beach on hot summer days looming in the near future, comes the burning staffing question: are we going to need student interns who are on their summer break and (quite possibly more important) do we have to pay them? As defined by the Fa...

Posted in: Human Resources Management Tags: FLSA, Internship, Paid, Standards, Unpaid Read More

July 2014 Tip of the Month: The Importance of Lift Training

July 02, 2014 by Rebecca Ward

Two Colorado auto facilities were cited for serious safety violations at the end of June 2014. According to the OSHA release , both shops were fined due to employee risk of being crushed under vehicle lifts. The lifts were not equipped with operational safety locks or adequa...

Posted in: Tip of the Month Tags: Citation, Colorado, Lift, Month, of, OSHA, Safety, the, Tip, Training Read More