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Even Temp Workers Need Training! Protect Yourself and Workers!

June 26, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Due to the increased level of temp workers suffering fatal injuries, OSHA is making a strengthened effort to enforce outreach and training for temporary workers. Many of the injuries suffered are due to lack of safety training, inadequately addressed hazards, and improper ...

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Want to Increase Productivity and Morale? Empower Employees

June 25, 2013 by Kathryn Carlson

Workers who feel empowered by their employers are more productive and have higher morale, regardless of their industry. These are the findings of a new study by lead researcher from the University of Iowa, Scott Seibert. He explains, “Empowerment is an effective approach ...

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The Online Sales Process Manifesto – Part 4

June 24, 2013

Last week we continued to examine a successful online process (read the previous posts here ). Your Online Delivery Owning a vehicle can be just as stressful and confusing as buying a vehicle. After a customer has spent over 4 hours buying a car, we spend another hou...

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Moving Forward with Penguin 2.0

June 24, 2013

There are those who were hurt by the recent Penguin 2.0 update by Google. If your rankings fell in the last month, there’s probably a black and white flightless bird reason for the drop. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make things better. (more…)

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Distracted Drivers - Why isn't cell phone use accurately reported?

June 19, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

It is estimated that of the total fatal car crashes using cell phones in 2011, only 52% were properly coded in the national database as involving cell phone use. This is due to a variety of issues, but the biggest issue is the misrepresentation of the risk of cell phone di...

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Summer Hiring Traps – How to Avoid Them

June 18, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Many businesses will be hiring minors or interns for the summer. Before you hire make sure you are hiring and paying in compliance with both state and federal regulations. Check out the FLSA – Child Labor Rules Advisor and the US DOL Wage and Hour Division’s Employment/Age...

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The Online Sales Process Manifesto – Part 3

June 17, 2013

Last week we continued to examine a successful online process (read the previous posts here ). Your Online Trade Evaluation One of the biggest profit centers in your dealership is your used car department.  Traded in used cars are a much more effective and profitable...

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The Verdict: You CAN Sell Cars Through Social Media

June 14, 2013

When we first saw the potential, we were skeptical but hopeful. When the reports started coming in that it was happening, we knew we needed to dig deeper to confirm. After 3 months of constant testing and monitoring, we can say with a certainty that dealers can sell cars...

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Boy Dies in Truck Repair Service Shop

June 12, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Does your facility have a policy to only allow escorted customers into the vehicle service area? What’s the policy at your facility? Do you forbid customers to enter the vehicle service area? Do you allow them in on their own? Or do you allow them to be escorted into the v...

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June 2013 Tip of the Month - Keeping Valuable Facebook Friends

June 11, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Despite the fact that you’re trying to increase your online presence and reach through Facebook, it is still important to be selective when it comes to your dealership Facebook fans. Your fans should: “Like” your dealership for transparent and relevant reasons - While...

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