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Stop bulk remarketing!

June 18, 2014


Are you using remarketing to your advantage, or are you wasting your prospect’s time? Remarketing is a very powerful tool for staying in front of your potential buyer and you’re most likely missing out on opportunities because you aren’t doing it right. The great news is that we have a general idea of the consumer mindset while shopping for a vehicle. When the consumer is looking at a new vehicle, they’re considering price, finance rates, promotions, incentives, options, trim packages, etc. Perhaps the reason they did not submit a lead is because they need more information to influence their purchase?

Use remarketing to help influence their purchase. Placing one remarketing code on your entire site is a waste of valuable targeting. Place unique remarketing codes on your New, Used, Certified, Service, Parts, and Finance pages so that you can remarket to them independently. For someone who is looking at new vehicles, remarket to them with ads showing finance promotions, or new vehicle features. Remarket your Certified shopper with details of your certified program, and warranty information. Remarket your Used vehicle buyer with monthly payments, or send them to used vehicle videos on a landing page.

There are unlimited options and ways to market to your shoppers. Make sure you are giving them relevant information that will guide them into a decision to purchase from you.

Tags: car, information, new, Remarketing, sales, used