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The myKPAonline Issues Button; How do I use it?

March 03, 2014 by Rebecca Ward

where do i start

Ever wonder how to use the Issues button in mykpaonline? How about how to subscribe to your facility issues list, or even how to close out the issue based on what the regulation says? We’re here to help:

  1. Log on to your manager/administrator account using your user name on
  2. Select the “Issues” button.

For the “subscribe to the issues at your facility” option, simply select the "Subscribe link" at the bottom right hand of the screen. Enter in your information and desired format/schedule and select save.

To close out an issue, hover over the issues tab and a drop down will appear. Select “Issues List.”

Make sure that the status button displays open and select the search button. Locate the issue you would like to close out. Select the "Modify/Complete" button on the right hand side of the issue selected.

This will prompt a box to pop up. Here you will select the “Closed” option, as well as the details on how you were able to make the changes for the issue to now be compliant with regulations. Press "save" and you are done. Your engineer will be notified and on the next visit they will verify the status of your closed issue.

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