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EHS Solutions

March 24, 2015 by Global Administrator

Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Loss Control, Risk Management. If you are looking for someone to have your back, look no further. Lack of compliance with legally-required Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs can cost a dealership tens of thousands of dollars in fines, raise insurance premiums, and loss a dealership their reputation.

With over two decades of experience in EHS and loss control consulting, KPA is your ideal partner for establishing and maintaining safety and compliance at your facilities and managing costs such as workers' compensation and liability insurance. Through a combination of regular services that KPA delivers, and programs that we teach you to manage for yourself, the result is that improved safety can pay big financial and human dividends.

We have proof. It’s in the large reduction in Workers' Compensation premiums, in garage auto liability premiums, and in reduced damages on the facility lots obtained by KPA clients through implementing loss control programs with KPA. One large facility reduced its workers' compensation premium by over $190,000 a year, and smaller organizations have saved 10% or more of their insurance costs through a systematic loss reduction program.

With a choice of seven programs, KPA offers comprehensive EHS services, including OSHA safety compliance management, and environmental compliance services. With KPA you can provide a safe environment for your employees and control EHS losses, including workers' compensation claims and governmental fines. Our service includes the following:

Online Software
o    MSDS Database
o    Online Accident Reporting and Loss Run Imports
o    Incident and Action Item Management
o    Self-Inspection Tools and Reporting for Safety, DOT and Environmental Compliance
o    Online and Webinar Training

On-sites services
o    Facility Inspections and Compliance Audits
o    Safety Committee Meetings Management
o    CA IIP and Future (I2P2)
o    Emergency Support
o    On-site Training
o    Consulting on Safety Programs, Haz-Comm, Emergency Response and Loss Control
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