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How to Recruit Dealership Employees with Social Media

March 03, 2015 by Global Administrator

Currently 92% of companies use social media as a recruiting tool. So how do you differentiate your dealership to attract the best employees? There’s more to it than just posting your job opening on Facebook or LinkedIn. Engage the best applicants by considering the following points:


In the past, culture wasn’t always something that employers marketed or employees looked into prior to accepting a position. Today, culture is one of the major factors that applicants consider before applying for or accepting a position in industries nationwide.

When posting a job opportunity to a social media site, consider what applicants may be looking for. Post pictures demonstrating your company’s culture by showing company parties and excursions. Consider showing videos of interactions within your work place. Go above and beyond to show them the truly positive culture your dealership has to offer. The goal is to show them everything your dealership has to offer, which is more than just a position.

The Executive Team

The Executive Team makes the big decisions that affect the entire company. They set the culture, they set the job description, and they can make any job pleasant and rewarding or unfulfilling.

Consider showing how your team works from the top down using social media. Ask your management team to blog or create a video series. An executive’s quote posted with their picture and a link to the job posting can go a long way.

Demonstrate What You Do

What makes your dealership different? What makes your dealership meaningful? Job hunting goes both ways. You’re interviewing applicants while they’re interviewing you.

Show potential employees what kind of work that they will do for you. What is of interest and what carries significance? What opportunities will employees have to contribute to your dealership? Enhance the prospective employee’s view by demonstrating the positive roll they can have at your dealership.

Want to know about current strategies in hiring? Contact your KPA Human Resources Advocate or email [email protected].

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