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Lighting up Your Environment and Safety

March 09, 2015 by Global Administrator

When thinking about safety at your facility, most often we consider safety procedures that we follow, and policies that are written to avoid tragedy or deal with them in the event of an incident. However, facility safety is a broad concept, including things as seemingly innocuous as lighting.

Poor lighting creates an assortment of potential issues, varying from things such as increased trip, slip, and fall hazards to eye straining. Poor lighting comes in many forms, including insufficient light, creating unseen hazards, too much light, creating glare, improper light contrast, or poorly distributed light. The risks are evident: if you or your employees cannot see well in the dealership, they are going to make more mistakes and become exposed to greater, unseen risks. A poorly lit facility can make it difficult to see tools and machines, to make good judgment about vulnerable situations, and can even affect productivity.

When you take a walk around your dealership or facility, can you see well? Do you find yourself at risk? If you aren’t comfortable, your employees won’t be either. Take a proactive approach to lighting safety while you can.

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Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety Tags: accident prevention, employee protection, improve facility lighting, improve safety, loss prevention, reduce risk