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Idaho Facility Charged with Violating Whistleblower Rules

October 08, 2014 by Eric Schmitz


The U.S. Department of Labor recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against an Idaho auto facility after an employee was terminated for raising safety and health concerns in the workplace. The termination violates the whistleblower protection provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

The lawsuit was filed after OSHA investigated a complaint at the facility by the employee for safety and health violations. Upon the facility’s receipt of the safety citation, the employee was terminated.

In an effort to help workers anonymously submit safety and health concerns, OSHA developed a new submittal form. Up until now, the only option to submit complaints was by calling or mailing in a form. The new option allows users to submit the complaint via a form on the internet, or by printing off the form and faxing or emailing it in.

To learn more about whistleblowing, contact your Environmental Health and Safety Risk Management Consultant or email [email protected].

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