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OSHA Announces New Workplace Hazard Identification Tool

September 08, 2014 by Eric Schmitz


OSHA has created an interactive training webtool in an effort to teach employers and employees hazard identification skills as well as hazard abatement and control. OSHA also hopes to increase awareness of the types of information and OSHA resources available about workplace hazards with the use of the new tool.

Through the webtool, users can learn to identify and address common hazards. They can use the tool from either a business owner’s perspective or from an employee perspective. In addition, the tool navigates through the components of the hazard identification process, including:

  • Information collection
  • Workplace observation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Employee participation
  • Hazard prioritization

OSHA developed the tool with the OSHA Training Institute and can be found on OSHA’s website at

To learn more about hazard identification training, contact [email protected].

Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety Tags: hazard, identification, new, OSHA, webtool, workplace