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Staying Safe with Car Jacks

September 22, 2014 by Eric Schmitz


When working on automobiles, it is often necessary to use car jacks. While these tools are easy to use, they also create potential danger if used inappropriately. Without knowing load capacities, operators may overload the jack and cause the automobile to fall. It is imperative that car jack operators know prior to use if the jack is capable of lifting and sustaining the load.

To protect car jack users, OSHA is enforcing standard 29 CFR 910.244(a)(1), which refers to load rating. 29 CFR 910.244(a)(1) requires that each jack be clearly marked with the largest amount of weight that the jack can hold (i.e., the rated load). This information must be permanently marked on the jack, through the use of casting, stamping, or other means. If the jack is not marked, it must be tagged as “out of order” until it is rated.

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