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Posts Tagged ‘healthcare reform’

The Health Care Reform – 8 Preparative steps to get ready now - Part 2

May 30, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Last week we discussed the first four steps for preparing your dealership for the health care reform. Continue on to learn more about the upcoming changes in health care: Determine Employee Affordability – Moving forward into 2014, your company will have to make a...

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Effective Open Enrollment Communications

October 21, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

For the average HR professional the fall season means open enrollment for benefit plans. Many benefit plans have major changes due to healthcare reform so it is more important then ever the employers provide effective communitions to their employees during open enrollment.  F...

Posted in: Employee Relations, HR: Industry Updates Tags: healthcare reform, HR best practice, human resources management, open enrollment, society for human resources management Read More

Caught between a rock and a hard place employers increase employees share of healthcare costs

October 20, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

According to a recent survey by the National Business Group on Health , 63 % of employers are planning increases for employees’ share of healthcare costs in 2010. Not much of a surprise that employers are passing on a larger share of the costs given the ever increasing cost ...

Posted in: Employee Relations, HR: Industry Updates Tags: benefit plan, cost of healthcare, healthcare reform, insurance, open enrollment, plan changes Read More

Healthcare cost reporting not required on W-2 forms for 2011

October 18, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

On October 12, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Notice 2010-69 , which provides that the W-2 reporting of the cost of employees’ health coverage will be voluntary, rather than mandatory, for 2011.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act originally ...

Posted in: HR: Industry Updates Tags: healthcare reform, HR compliance, internal revenue service, IRS, IRS Notice 2010-69, W-2 Read More

Healthcare Reform Intersects with 1099 Forms

September 23, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

Many changes related to healthcare reform go into effect today, September 23, 2010, with more changes coming throughout 2011 and 2012. One of the lesser known provisions of healthcare reform is a new requirement regarding submittal of 1099 forms. Effective January 2012, the p...

Posted in: HR: Industry Updates Tags: 1099 forms, benefit, form 1099, healthcare reform, internal revenue service, IRS, requesting public comment Read More

Meet with your Insurance Broker to Update Benefit Plans Before Fall Enrollment

July 01, 2010

Most open enrollment periods for benefits programs happen in the fall so use the summer months to get a head start. After researching what health care reform requirements will impact you, schedule a meeting with your insurance broker. Draw on the agent's expertise to walk th...

Posted in: Safety Culture, Tip of the Month Tags: benefit, compliance tip of the month, healthcare, healthcare reform, insurance Read More

Despite Healthcare Reform Employers Worry About Benefit Costs

June 14, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

Although the Congressional Budget Office reports that most employers will experience decreased cost and multiple tax credits are availalbe to offset the new requirements, 99.4% of employers surveyed by United Benefit Advisors  are concerned with the impact of healthcare co...

Posted in: HR: Industry Updates Tags: benefit, congressional budget office, healthcare costs, healthcare reform, healthcare reforms Read More

Healthcare Reform 2012 and Beyond

March 31, 2010 by Kathryn Carlson

Hopefully you have started your "to do list" to comply with the new healthcare bills-with setting up appointment with your accountant and insurance  broker/agent at the top of the list. Once the immediate issues are taken care of you can start being proactive in  compliance w...

Posted in: HR: Industry Updates Tags: condition exclusions, fsa contributions, health care coverage, health insurance premiums, healthcare reform, HR best practice, HR compliance Read More