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Posts Tagged ‘HR compliance’

The Health Care Reform – 8 Preparative steps to get ready now - Part 1

May 23, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

As the deadline for implementation of the newest set of rules related to the Affordable Care Act quickly approaches, dealerships are preparing. Kristin Kahle, of Benefit Exchange Alliance, provides eight steps to begin preparing for the upcoming health care reform. D...

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Mental Health Issues in the Workplace – Accommodating Employees with Mental Health Issues

May 07, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

Mental health issues affect roughly 25% of adults in the U.S., so it’s likely that at some point you will have a dealership employee who suffers from mental illness. However, accommodating mental health can be a delicate matter, as there can be legal implications if you ha...

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How Does the New Colorado Marijuana Law Affect Company Drug Testing?

May 01, 2013 by Rebecca Ward

With the legalization of marijuana in various states nationwide, both employees and employers alike are wondering what kind of impact the new laws will have on employment substance abuse testing and policies. The Colorado Court of Appeals recently stated that pot smokers can ...

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Retaliatory Firing: Don’t Fire Whistleblowers, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

April 24, 2013 by Kathryn Carlson

Employees have a right to report alleged non-compliance to federal and state agencies without fear of retaliatory firing or demotion- no ifs, ands, or buts. A violation of an employee’s protected conduct of reporting potentially illegal or dangerous circumstances, the Depart...

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How Old Are Your Labor Law Posters?

September 10, 2012 by Deborah Gibbs

Keep your labor law postings current with KPA’s new Employment and Labor Poster Store. Have you ever paused in your break room and tried to read the labor law posters hanging on the wall? Perhaps you chuckled when you noticed the ancient soup stains, the faded letters … a...

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Who Are You Really Hiring?

May 17, 2011 by Kathryn Carlson

If you aren't doing background checks and drug screens before you hire then you really don't know who you are hiring. KPA has found that over 30% of applicants we process through our HR system do not provide complete or accurate information on their application . To make ...

Posted in: DOL, Employee Relations, HR: Industry Updates Tags: background checking, drug testing, hiring, HR best practice, HR compliance, negligent hiring Read More

Finalized Form I-9 Rules Effective May 16, 2011

May 11, 2011 by Tamara Lischer

Effective May 16, 2011, employers must follow the newly finalized Form I-9 rule  (the rule was orginally published back in 2009). Here's what that really means... Don't forget that the final rules prohibits employers from accepting expired documents; revises the list of...

Posted in: HR: Industry Updates Tags: Final Regulations, Form I-9 Rule, HR compliance, I-9, uscis Read More

The Lawsuits are Coming, Get Ready to Pay

April 22, 2011 by Kathryn Carlson

The Cleveland Plain Dealer   reported that over 6,800 private-sector lawsuits were filed nationwide in 2010. The DOL (Department of Labor ), handled about 32,000 wage and hour complaints in 2010, a jump of 33 percent in just two years. The Equal Employment Opportunity ...

Posted in: DOL, Employee Relations Tags: Department of Labor, employment discrimination, employment lawsuits, employment litigation, Employment Practice Liablity Insurance, EPL, HR compliance Read More

EEOC Issues Final Regulations for ADA Compliance

April 13, 2011 by Kathryn Carlson

Can you define what is a disability and who is covered under the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and ADAAA (ADA Amendments Act of 2008) ? The answer to this question of what is a disability under the EEOC final regulations may surprise you. Watch this short video to ...

Posted in: DOL, HR: Industry Updates Tags: ADA, Americans With Disablities Act, EEOC, HR best practice, HR compliance Read More

Department of Labor Clarifies Position on Service Advisors Classification

April 08, 2011 by Kathryn Carlson

On April 5th, the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor clarified that service advisors are not exempt from overtime . While the current regulations states “a service manager, service writer, service advisor or service salesman who is not primarily engaged...

Posted in: DOL Tags: Department of Labor, HR compliance, overtime, service advisors, Wage and Hour, wage payment regulations, wage payment rules Read More