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Posts Tagged ‘I2P2’

Are we required to fill-out the OSHA 300 Logs?

January 18, 2013

Under the OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements, most employers are required to record work-related injuries and illnesses using the OSHA 300 Logs. However, many businesses, including car dealerships, are currently exempt from most of the requiremen...

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I2P2 status update

January 09, 2013

For those of you wondering what is going on with OSHA’s I2P2 regulation: it’s still in the pre-rule stage. There are 3 stages to regulatory promulgation: Pre-Rule, Proposed Rule, and Final Rule. The rule is scheduled to have a “Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness A...

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Two of the nation’s largest safety associations are pushing OSHA to make the injury/illness prevention program (I2P2) rule a top priority in 2013

December 14, 2012

I2P2 was presented a few years as a top priority for OSHA and then we didn't hear much about it for a while. Earlier this week we read an update again in this article  that two of the nation's largest worker safety associations -- the American Society of Safety Engineers an...

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OSHA Reminds Employers to Post Injury/Illness Summaries

April 17, 2012

Employers who are required to keep the OSHA Form 300 Injury and Illness log must post OSHA's Form 300A from Feb. 1 to April 30, 2012 in a common area wherever notices to workers are usually posted. The summary must list the total numbers of job-related injuries and illne...

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A Few Things You Should Know About OSHA’s Pending I2P2 Requirements

January 20, 2012 by Eric Schmitz

This month OSHA published a whitepaper on Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2). Leading up to this publication, there has been a lot of regulatory activity around I2P2. Shortly after proposing a federal standard for I2P2 in 2010, OSHA held a series of stakeholder mee...

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How Do You Know if Your Safety Program Is Working?

October 07, 2011

How do you measure success? You look for things that you can track and measure. These key indicators are pretty standard, and should be documented and communicated as part of your safety program: Workplace inspections (KPA audits and your account are exce...

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I2P2 Part 2: Getting Started and Seven Parts of the Plan

September 30, 2011

In the first post, we discussed what an effective I2P2 plan (Illness and Injury Prevention Planning, or sometimes IIPP) does , and the business case for implementing the I2P2 plan. This post gets a little more into how to set up the planning process for success. Begin at the...

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Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (I2P2) Part 1: Getting Started

September 23, 2011

What Does I2P2 Do? Most fatalities and life altering events that happen at workplaces don't result from unknown or unpredictable circumstances, or from weird occurrences. The vast majority of these incidents continue to include the basics: Mobile equipment mishaps (di...

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How to Implement a Successful I2P2 Program

May 24, 2011

Like most Auto Dealers, you probably want to know how OSHA’s I2P2 (Injury and Illness Protection Program) will impact your business. Last week, EHSToday published an article “ AIHce 2011: The Ins and Outs of I2P2 and Worker Involvement ” about a roundtable discussion with Wil...

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OSHA video about the principles and benefits of the I2P2 program

January 10, 2011

OSHA published a series of DOL Regulations Videos on their website. In one of these videos, Jim Thornton of Northrup-Grumman Discusses OSHA's Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) , explaining the principles and benefits of the I2P2 program. In summary, any effec...

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