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Posts Tagged ‘Marketing’

What kind of marketing media are you using?

April 30, 2014 by Erika Simms

When it comes to social media marketing, there are 3 types of media that you can use to increase interest in your dealership. Dealerships require a well-rounded media strategy to successfully leverage their brand and create greater brand awareness. Paid Media. When yo...

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Engagement through Facebook Contests

January 15, 2014 by Erika Simms

When using social media as an internet marketing tool, engagement is one of the most valuable actions you can take. Engagement includes a variety of things, such as responding to comments, interacting with other individual’s pages, and taking part in local events. Another ...

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Ingredients to a Valuable Marketing Video

January 02, 2014

The Google algorithms love videos, and will always pop them to the top of the search engine. Video testimonials, reviews, how-tos, and product releases are marketing gold allowing you to demonstrate your dealership in just a brief period of time. Video optimization gets yo...

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Social Media isn't for Every Dealer but it May be for You

February 18, 2013 by Louie Baur

Here's a stark truth that may make some of our competitors, employees at Facebook, and even some of my own employees a little upset: car dealers don't need social media marketing to be successful. Search, proper website maintenance, display ads, reputation management, ...

Posted in: Social Media Tags: automotive industry, Business, Car dealership, Facebook, Marketing, social media, social media strategy, twitter Read More

Four Part Series on Establishing Facebook Marketing Goals

February 17, 2013

There may be nothing more important in Facebook marketing than establishing the right goals. Most car dealers are not having as much success on Facebook as they could because they aren't strategically defining what they want to accomplish. You might have a general goal in ...

Posted in: Social Media Tags: Business, Car dealership, Facebook, Goal, Marketing, Marketing and Advertising, social media, Social network, Strategy Read More

Finding the Value of Social Media in the Automotive Industry

January 29, 2013

There was a promise silently made by social media a few years back. It was so prevalent at the 2009 round of conferences from NADA to Digital Dealer that many might have thought that social media would eventually encompass the entire internet marketing required by a dealer...

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