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Posts Tagged ‘personal protective equipment’

Don’t Be Shocked! Rubber Insulating Gloves Are Required for Hybrids and EVs

October 04, 2012

The growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) increases the risk of electric shop in maintenance facilities . Be sure to provide your staff with the appropriate rubber insulating gloves. The high-voltage systems on electric vehicles present a serious shock risk. In additio...

Posted in: Environmental Health and Safety, Uncategorized Tags: EVs, personal protective equipment, PPE, safety culture, safety gloves, safety procedures Read More

Quick Take: Required PPE for Dealership Employees

June 10, 2011 by Zach Pucillo

Employers are required to provide personal protective equipment at no cost to the employee [ OSHA's Final Rule ]. Substandard personal protective equipment (PPE) is the sixth most cited auto dealership violation for 2010. OSHA requires the use of PPE to reduce employee exp...

Posted in: OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: Deakership PPE, OSHA, personal protective equipment, PPE Read More

Hazmat Training - Lives depend on it

November 12, 2010

You know how the old adage goes: “Train as if your life depends on it, because it does.” This is especially true when it comes to hazardous materials training - many lives depend on the proper training of Hazmat Employees. As we have mentioned before , if you have hazardou...

Posted in: Citations, DOT, Employee Relations, Environment: Industry Updates, OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates, Training: Industry Updates Tags: DOT, hazard communication, MSDS, OSHA, personal protective equipment, Training of Hazmat Employees Read More

OSHA Severe Violator Enforcement Program Now in Effect!

June 24, 2010

"The New OSHA" as described by many department heads is showing its colors and making good on its promises. The recently enacted Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) is  now in effect and being enforced. What exactly does this mean to you? In the words of David Michael...

Posted in: Citations, DOL, OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: Department of Labor, hazard communication, OSHA, personal protective equipment, Severe Violator Program, workplace injuries Read More

OSHA cites auto parts maker fot $135,900

May 27, 2010

OSHA has cited auto parts maker  Sewon America Inc. in LaGrange, Ga., for a variety of safety violations after receiving a complaint. OSHA initiated a comprehensive inspection of the company's facility in March. Penalties total $135,900. Read more detail in an article post...

Posted in: Citations, OSHA Tags: most cited violations, OSHA, personal protective equipment, Safety: Industry Updates, workplace injuries Read More

OSHA fine amounts increasing?

April 28, 2010

Tire Review that OSHA fined a Toledo dealer $177,800 as the result of an October 2009 accident in which four employees were injured. OSHA cited the dealer for three violations of worker safety regulations after investigating the accident. The employees suffered injuries wh...

Posted in: Citations, OSHA Tags: DOT compliance, hazard communication, Investigation, OSHA, personal protective equipment, violations Read More

Want to build a strong safety culture? Why not start with safety glasses?

April 15, 2010

I often talk with folks who are in charge of a safety program at a facility and really don't know where to start. I just read an interesting article in OH&S about building safety culture by starting with your safety eye wear policy. Even though the study this article is bas...

Posted in: Safety Culture, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: OSHA, personal protective equipment Read More

Buying spraying equipment? Think respiratory protection

February 16, 2010 by Eric Schmitz

Ran into a vendor at NADA yesterday that sells Spray-on bed liner systems. This particular vendor sells complete systems and all necessary Personal Protective Equipment. This was the first time I have ever seen a vendor sell appropriate supplied air systems as a piece of thei...

Posted in: Environment: Industry Updates, OSHA Tags: personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, spraying Read More

OSHA's Top Most Cited Violations

November 12, 2009

EHS Today published an article on October 29 about the Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2009. According to Richard Fairfax, director of OSHA's directorate of enforcement programs, 81 percent of the violations OSHA recorded throughout the year were either serious or willful ...

Posted in: DOL, OSHA, Safety: Industry Updates Tags: Department of Labor, general duty clause, hazard communication, most cited violations, OSHA, personal protective equipment Read More