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Environmental Heath & Safety, HR Management and Sales & Finance Compliance Services

KPA delivers Environmental Health & Safety, HR Management and F&I Compliance programs that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance, control risk, protect their assets and effectively manage people through a combination of innovative software, award winning training and on-site consulting.

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

KPA Environmental Health & Safety provides on-site, on call, and online services.

  • On-site: complete OSHA safety compliance management and environmental compliance services, including regularly-scheduled facility inspections, employee training, and formal Safety Committee meetings.
  • On-call: around-the-clock support for Environment and Safety incidents.
  • Online: myKPAOnline, an online safety and compliance tracking and measurement system.

Human Resource Management Tools

KPA Human Resource Management software is a total HR solution designed in collaboration with leading labor and employment attorneys to ensure your business is in complete compliance with state and federal regulations. Delivered as a convenient software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, KPA HR Management gives you the tools you need to automate all essential processes, improve efficiency with simple, easy to use software, and access expert advice on demand.

  • Automation of essential HR processes forces compliance.
  • Improved efficiency with simple to use, web-enabled HR software.
  • On-demand expertise includes online advice from attorneys with expertise in your industry, webinars, and compliance alerts.

Sales & Finance Compliance Services

KPA provides on-site and online consulting, training, and audit services to assist businesses in complying with the Safeguards Rule and the Privacy Rule of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and with the Red Flag Rule. KPA will help you assess your information security risks and assist you in designing and implementing policies to improve your control over customer information and have the necessary policy and procedures mandated by State and Federal regulations.