Industry-Specific Solutions

Internet Marketing, HR Managment, Environment & Safety

For over 25 years, dealerships, service centers, original equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers, and fleet managers have relied on our experts for risk management programs that keep costs down and workers safe.

Clients trust our Human Resources Management software and professional services team to keep employee productivity and engagement levels high, while ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws.

KPA's Internet Marketing stands out through its focus on automotive dealerships with dedicated professional services for every client, optimzing their digital marketing programs to online sales and top rankings in highly competitive social media and search environments.

Our best innovations have come from listening to our clients. That’s how we developed the first online regulatory tracking software for dealerships that keeps them up to date with federal, state, and local laws anywhere in the country. We've applied that same spirit of active engagement to solve the challenges of Human Resource Management and Internet Marketing. Today, we provide a wide range of services in Environment & Safety, HR Management, and Internet Marketing for dealerships, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and automotive service companies. Experience our remarkable service.

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