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OSHA Compliance Programs for Auto Service Centers

KPA's systematic approach to OSHA inspection, OSHA safety compliance management, environmental compliance services, and employee compliance training has kept auto service centers, brake centers, exhaust repair and auto body shop clients on the good side of regulators for more than 20 years.

Multi-location auto service center companies will especially appreciate the instant access to Environmental Health & Safety information that is available online through myKPAonline, KPA's advanced EHS Management Software tool . This data repository provides an at-a-glance review of employee training, safety inspection results, and task lists on an individual facility basis or for the entire business group. General Managers and group executives find that myKPAonline provides efficient visibility into environmental, health, and safety compliance without requiring meetings or reports.

KPA also offers comprehensive web-based HR software for auto services. Our online system forces compliance with HR regulations, helps you avoid nightmare employees, and streamlines your hiring process to save you time and money.

KPA, the nation's compliance experts to the transportation industry, provides peace of mind that your automobile services and repairs company is keeping your employees safe and your business complaint.

Environmental Health & Safety Solutions

Automobile Services provide special challenges in the Environmental Health & Safety arena. The workplace is inherently dangerous with automotive lifts, hazardous materials, and often a high turnover of employees working in areas with special safety considerations.

KPA is an Environmental Health & Safety expert for automotive related industries with more than 5,200 client locations nationwide.

Most Popular Environmental Health & Safety Features for Our Service Station Clients:

    • Site Visits and Support
    • 6H Rule Programs
    • RPP Training
    • Fit Testing and Respirator Training
    • Spill Plans
    • Hazard Communication
    • Hazardous Waste Management and waste Minimization
    • Online Issue Tracking Software
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • Tank Management
    • DOT Hazardous Materials Employer Program
    • Respiratory Protection Program
    • Environmental Health & Safety communication system between locations
    • Safety Training and Injury Prevention
    • Employee Training Programs
    • Online MSDS Database


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Human Resource Compliance Solutions

With more than 5,200 client locations offering vehicle services, KPA's systematic approach to inspection, regulatory compliance, and employee training has kept automobile services clients on the good side of regulators for more than 20 years.

Dealing effectively with HR compliance issues is a major responsibility in any organization. The laws and regulations specific to HR are complex and ever changing, but non-compliance can result in costly fines and lawsuits. Legal advice can be very expensive and your attorney may not have specific expertise in your industry. KPA HR Management is a total HR Management solution  with everything automotive service stations need to stay current and minimize the risk related to:

  • Employment Discrimination Claims
  • Workplace Safety
  • Harassment 
  • Red Flags Rule Compliance
  • Wage and Hour Standards
  • COBRA, ADA, and FMLA
  • Customer Information Security 
  • Employee Privacy

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Sales & Finance Compliance Solutions

KPA will help you assess your dealership's information security risks and assist you in designing and implementing policies to improve your control over customer information and have the necessary policy and procedures mandated by State and Federal regulations.

  • F+I Audit Services
  • Sales, Finance and Insurance Consulting
  • Sales & Finance Compliance Training

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