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Solutions for the Craft Beverage and Micro-Brewery Industry

The craft beverage, and micro-brewery industry has its own unique challenges, demands, and safety issues. Running an efficient, and safe operation is important to the success, and profitability of your business. KPA provides businesses like yours with environmental, health and safety programs, intelligent training, and on-site consulting services. A little forethought and preparation goes a long way to ensuring that you are prepared, adhering to and complying with regulatory standards, and that your brewery is a safe working environment.

EHS Solutions That Work For You:

  • Easy to use software to improve efficiency

  • Safety, training and injury prevention

  • Written policies on hazcom, fall protection, confined spaces, etc.

  • Compliance support

  • Emergency response plans

  • Site visits and support

  • Expert advice on-demand

KPA provides the support you need to streamline your business operations and efficiency. To view our products services for the brewery industry click here.