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OEM Service Campaign Compliance and Execution

KPA's Risk Management Consultants are Automotive OEM compliance experts with the right resources to manage service campaigns and protect your brand.  

Executing service campaigns efficiently and cost effectively can be very challenging. Efficient service campaigns require knowledge about local regulations, quick response, and specific resources for a limited amount of time. KPA is uniquely positioned to be your partner to make your service campaigns successful in a cost-effective way. We are already working with many of your dealerships. We have the local expertise. We are able to respond with a Risk Management Consultant on-site within days, and for urgent issues we can be on-site the same day.

Customized Safety and Protection Training Programs

For example, we assisted an automotive OEM to design, implement, and report on a respiratory protection program in 20+ states as part of a service campaign involving rust-proofing treatment of a vehicle’s sub-frame.