Loss Control Services

Injuries that seem minor can have a drastic effect on your business’ profitability. That's because the total cost of an injury can be 4 or 5 times greater than the amount you pay for the direct cost of treatment and compensation. 

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KPA has a proven track record of reducing direct and indirect costs of injuries.  A recent survey of long-term clients showed an overall reduction of over 40% from their Workers Compensation Premiums.

Category Client Improvement Annual Savings
Workers Comp Insurance Premiums Average of 10 Clients Lowered Experience Modifier by  0.42 $40,000
Self-insured Workers’ Comp Insurance Premiums 5-Facility Group 30% reduction in accidents $3,900,000
Workers’ Comp/ Garage Liability Insurance 9-Facility Group Lowered Experience Modifier by 0.35 $553,000



  • Reduced business risk
  • Lowered Experience Modifier (Ex-Mod)
  • Partial refund of the past year's premium
  • Reduction in the premium for the coming year

How It Works

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