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MyKPAonline™ is a proprietary, web-based application hosted by KPA with real-time access to your facility’s Environmental & Safety information. It provides both the big picture of your environmental and safety operations, and the specific detail of outstanding compliance issues, making it easy for you to see exactly what needs to be resolved and who’s accountable for doing so. It’s the perfect tool to help you monitor and assess your facility’s risk, and streamline your recordkeeping.

Depending on your level of KPA service, the myKPAonline software also provides access to:

  • Safety Data Sheets specific to your facility’s chemical inventory
  • On-demand Environmental & Safety training
  • Accident tracking and management
  • Online document management
  • Multi-facility compliance management
  • Self-inspection tool
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) &
Chemical Inventory Management

By law your facility must maintain updated Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for each of the chemicals it has onsite and make those SDSs readily available to all employees. This is a huge undertaking and one that’s more important than ever given the updates to the Hazard Communication Standard. KPA offers a turnkey SDS and Chemical Inventory solution that can take the headache and the guesswork out of complying with this OSHA requirement.

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On-demand E&S Training

Your KPA engineer provides face-to-face training on a key topic at every regularly scheduled visit. However, your engineer can’t cover every topic your employees need to be trained on, and it’s inevitable that some employees will miss the training and still others will be hired after the training has been presented. That’s why KPA offers on-demand environmental and safety training through the myKPAonline system.

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Accident Tracking and Management

Injuries can have a drastic effect on your business’s profitability. You need a consistent way to investigate them, identify their root causes, and track their resolution. The KPA Accident Tracking and Management Solution gives you exactly that. We integrate the myKPAonline system with our onsite visits to ensure losses are investigated, root causes are identified, and underlying issues are tracked until resolved. KPA also integrates with many loss experience systems to provide a seamless dashboard.

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accident tracking and management

Multi-Facility Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance and loss control are high-stakes responsibilities for corporate facilities managers. You need real-time, instant visibility of environmental, safety, and regulatory risk and compliance across all levels of your organization. The myKPAonline dashboard provides exactly that. It’s a high-level view of all your facilities that combines information from KPA’s onsite and online services, eliminating the need to wade through written reports to find critical information. Keep it high level or drill down into specific facility issues. Either way, it makes your job easier.

Document Management

KPA's document management system takes the hassle out of maintaining required documentation. It’s part organization, part peace of mind. On the organization side, all of the paperwork you’re required to keep hard copies of gets stored in KPA’s signature yellow box – items like monitoring records, cost recovery receipts, employee training records, and manifests. Everything else gets stored electronically in the myKPAonline document management system. Either way, everything is accounted for, organized, and easy to locate. As for peace of mind, your engineer will check your documentation at every visit to help make sure it’s all in order. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Self-Inspection Tool

KPA’s Self-Inspection Tool is part of the myKPAonline software, which enables group management to audit facility conditions at distributed locations based on federal, state, and local regulations. You can also inspect any non-regulatory issues – like showroom conditions – that are important to management.

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