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The following sections contain Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) specific resources:


OSHA Compliance

Managing OSHA safety compliance is a critical, complex task. For over 25 years, KPA has specialized in OSHA safety, serving over 5,000 dealerships and auto service centers across the US. Our expert engineers help you avoid OSHA citations, develop a comprehensive safety program, and reduce losses. KPA’s Environmental Health & Safety includes:

  •     Onsite safety inspections: Quarterly, biannually, or annually
  •     OSHA safety program development
  •     Regular safety committee meetings
  •     Online reporting and incident management
  •     Onsite and online OSHA safety training
  •     Loss prevention and accident management
  •     On-call availability, particularly during an OSHA inspection

KPA’s Optional OSHA services include Respiratory Protection Program & Training

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EPA Compliance

For over 25 years, KPA has specialized in environmental compliance services across the country for auto, truck, and equipment dealers, as well as manufacturers and automotive service companies. Working at your facility, your local KPA engineer identifies potential environmental risk and non-compliance and helps you determine the necessary actions to meet EPA requirements and avoid citations and potential legal action.
KPA’s Environmental Health & Safety offers:

  •     Onsite environmental audits with online reporting: Quarterly, biannually, or annually
  •     Environmental/EPA program development, licensing and permitting
  •     Pollution prevention and waste reduction
  •     Air Quality
  •     Tank management
  •     Onsite and online environmental training
  •     On-call availability, particularly during an EPA inspection

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HR Regulatory Updates

The HR Regulatory Update is provided in conjunction with KPA partner, Ford & Harrison LLC, a labor and employment law firms with a national practice in all aspects of labor and employment law, providing HR advice to  KPA's HR Management system clients.

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